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VJ Electronix is the leading supplier for x-ray component counters in the market today. Our machines can handle a wide variety of components and unlike most competitors, there is no programming required to perform a scan. Our advanced AI technology automatically recognizes parts making operation very simple and intuitive. Simply load the reel inside of the x-ray cabinet and press go!

Rework Systems Summit

With the largest installed base of rework systems in the world, VJ Electronix is confident that we can meet any rework need that you have. Our systems are designed to rework components ranging from 01005 all the way to 120mm and we have a large range of applications including connectors, package-on-package, RF shields, and more! High-level automation, intuitive software, and easy set up help minimize operator intervention and simplify your most difficult rework processes.

VJ Electronix

VJ Elextronix is an advanced electronics manufacturing equipment supplier providing intelligent imaging applications, X-ray inspection, PCB rework solutions and services for a variety of electronics and industrial markets worldwide.

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