At Line X-ray Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards, Components, and Assemblies

Key Benefits:

  • Highest Clarity Images for Defect Detection, Failure Analysis, and NDT in Production Environments - Even at Micro-scale.
  • Visualization of the Most Challenging PCB Assemblies with Complete Confidence in the Results
  • Optimal Performance and Operability at a Fraction of the Cost of Comparable X-ray Inspection Systems
  • Powerful and Versatile Software Creates Efficiency in Almost Any Inspection Task

Key Features:

  • Powerful 90kV Sealed Microfocus X-ray Tube
  • 4µm Focal Spot
  • Oblique Angle Inspection up to 45°
  • High Resolution 5” Digital Flat Panel Detector
  • 6-Axis Motion Control
  • Programable Automated Inspection Sequences
  • Valuable Image Enhancement & Processing Tools (ie. Averaging, Contrast, Exposure, 9x Filters, Pseudo3D)
  • Real-time Image Visualization & Image Capture

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