The Cost-efficient Solution for Your Component Counting Needs

Fast Count

The XQuik II Plus counts reels fast so you can process inventory sooner while saving money on labor and time. Count both a single reel or four reels in under 20 seconds.

AI Technology

No programming or teaching is required. The system automatically recognizes components with AI technology. The flexible MES interface allows for data to be directly uploaded to your inventory system.

Simple to Use

Plug and play setup. Simply place reels inside of the system and hit one button to scan them and get your counted reel results. Automatic reel detection eliminates risk of user error. The system automatically detects which reels are removed, matching the correct count to the correct reel. Maintenance free operation allows for the system to be used without any interruption.

Reliable Results

Superior counting accuracy. New detector technology delivers superior contrast and the lowest parallax distortion allowing for more accurate counts for 01005s, diodes, resistor networks and low-density components.

With improved speed, higher count accuracy, and reduced cost, the XQuik II Plus is the go-to solution for your organization.

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