High Precision, Automatic Rework System for Small to Large SMDs and PCB Assemblies

The Leading Solution for High Volume/High Mix Electronics Manufacturing Applications Requiring Minimal Operator Intervention

Built with easy-to-use 1-2-3-GO software, operation of this rework system is simple and intuitive. Efficient convection heating provides high thermal throughput, uniformity, and repeatable rework processes. Motorized X, Y, Z, and theta axis and Component Auto Align software allow for fully automated rework, including components greater than 100mm. Independent non-contact site scavenging safely removes residual solder, eliminating potential for damage to pads and solder mask. Proprietary software provides product traceability, profile analysis, and sharing of profiles between VJE systems.

Rework done on the Summit 2200i with Auto Align results in reliable, repeatable processes with greater system up-time, machine utilization, and a faster ROI.

Technical Highlights
  • 4.0kW/7.8kW Convection Bottom Heater
  • 2.2kW Focused Convection Top Heater
  • 01005 -120mm Component Range
  • 0.0005" Placement Accuracy
  • 65mm/80mm Square FOV
  • Multi-lens Optics & Digital Split Imaging
  • Motorized & Programmable X,Y & Θ
  • Automatic Non-Contact Site Scavenging
  • Automatic Component Alignment
    (Including components >100mm)
  • Automatic One-run Profiling

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