The VM101 is based on the compact NPM-D3A platform, but with the simplification of employing a single beam to access all tape feeder slots, but with an expanded feeder cart of 20 slots for increased capacity, with an output of 42,000 CPH, accuracy of 30um in a .83m long / 1.63m footprint.

VM series models share common multi-recognition cameras, feeder carts, feeders, tray towers, and nozzles. These series can make up lines with common models or blended to offer maximum scalability and affordability. This series of platform is focused on Mid-sized board market suited to produce device, white-goods, medical and automotive products. The VM series is geared toward applications that require advanced capabilities at an affordable price.


  • Three modular plug and play heads based on the NPM platform enabling reconfigurability
  • High output of up to 42k CPH, part capability ranging from 01005 ~ 100 x 25 x 30 as well as odd-form capability with 100N placement force and Pin-in-Paste lighting
  • Can support feeders on front only, or front and rear locations
  • Compatible with Panasonic intelligent feeders & nozzles
  • Multi-recognition camera including 3D inspection of SMT part, plus PiP parts

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