Panasonic’s SPG2 high-speed screen printing machine is tailored to SMT manufacturing. Equipped with multi-stage board handling improves productive time. SPG2's hybrid printing method delivers the right amount of solder with high-speed snap-off and reduced solder waste. 

The intuitive interface and changeover wizard helps the operator efficiently navigate the NPI changeover process. Once established, the parameters are stored for fast retrieval. 

Panasonic mounters and printers use the same offline programming software, which further reduces setup time. Advanced M2M communication with the AOI/SPI and patented feedforward communication to the mounter delivers overall productivity and quality. 

The inherent SPG2 print capability supports 0201mm (008004”) components, as well as bump printing.


  • 510 x 510 PCB (optional 650mm long board kit) and auto pin setup for high mix environments
  • 14s processing time including all required functions (transfer, fiducials, print, clean) to ensure fast and quality printing
  • Print capability to process microchip, to bumping, to pin-in-paste applications
  • Full MES & M2M capabilities to minimize labor and process expertise staffing
  • Advanced features of auto stencil, auto paste removal/deposit paperless cleaning and auto paste dispense options for Factory of the Future capabilities

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