A high-density radial lead component insertion machine, the RG131 with guide pin system provides stable, high-density insertion at 14,400 cph (0.25s/component). 

This through-hole machine inserts components with a pitch range of 2.5mm, 5.0mm or 7.5mm and allows for 40 or 80 component inputs - a wide component range in a compact footprint with a low cost of ownership. 

Full auto-recovery corrects insertion errors while the part exhaust detection system allows for proactive part replenishment and promotes continuous productivity.


  • 4 insertion directions (0°, 90°, -90°, 180°)
  • Wide pitch range encompassing 2.5/5.0/7.5 and 10 mm pitch in a common platform - eliminating the need for post insertion manual placements of 10 mm pitch components
  • Auto-recovery and part exhaust detection
  • Enhanced programmable T-Clinch technology ensures interference-free insertions by eliminating shorts on underside layout
  • Wide component range up to 18 mm diameter (ø)

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