The highly flexible single-beam NPM-W2S is an ideal placement solution for manufacturers who value reduced setup and changeover time over volume... At a time when your lot sizes are getting smaller, customers need to tighten control of work in process, schedule more efficiently and expand feeder capacity. This need is the premise behind the NPM-W2S. The NPM-W2S is based on the NPM-W2 platform, but with the simplification of employing a single beam to access all 120 8mm inputs for increased flexibility, with an output of 38,500 CPH and accuracy of 30um.

The NPM-W2S enables customer to afford more platforms per line to increase available feeder capacity for common setups and reduced changeover. The NPM-W2S also makes an affordable line booster at the beginning or end of an existing NPM line.


  • Shares overlapping capabilities of the NPM-W2, with one of the two beams removed
  • High output of up to 38.5k CPH, as well as odd-form capability with stackable stick feed support, 100N placement force and Pin-in-Paste lighting
  • Efficient 3.5-minute Changeovers capability per module through automated functions
  • Track and trace from workorder level to reference level to complete route control
  • Award-winning camera technology merges component alignment, chip thickness, and 3D coplanarity inspection into a single pass to ensure high productivity and quality

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