The NPM-DX is Panasonic's next generation of X-Series mounting production concept for Smart manufacturing. The NPM-DX DX boasts a stable operation based on the autonomic function, Autonomous Line Control, allowing for APC system and automatic recovery option.

Realize reduced labor and improved utilization with the Concentrated control feature. This enables floor management system and available remote operation option. Reduced your work variations with improved navigation and automated items such as feeder setup navigation and component supply navigation.


  • Standard installation of new functions like Changeover, Component Supply and Error Recovery for better workability and reduced labor needs
  • Data creation, the feeder cart (17-slot) , tape feeder and nozzle are compatible with NPM series
  • Taking the concept of NPM series Line connection with NPM-D and NPM-TT series is enabled
  • Available Automatic Recovery option (Pickup position automatic teach in case of an error)
  • Optional Remote operation option minimizes the amount of human-dependent work associated with the NPM-DX

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