The compact dual-beam NPM-D3A offers a reinforced frame, advanced head, and award-winning Multi Recognition Camera improve placement accuracy down to 30um, and capable achieving a maximum CPH of 92,000.

The NPM-D3 is an industry standard building block in high-speed, high volume applications ranging from automotive to industrial to medical. In fact, the vast majority of automotive EMS providers choose Panasonic solutions.


  • Flexible board handling system converts to support single- and multiple dual-lane operation modes
  • Compact footprint and dual-side operation maximizes factory floor space utilization and scalability
  • Swing Nozzle for inserting through-hole devices oriented in packaging different than insertion orientation
  • Integrates the industry’s only field-scalable Multi Recognition Camera that combines alignment, thickness, and 3D coplanarity into one time-saving, process-improving step
  • Continuous (Sinusoidal) Motion over upward looking camera scanning

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