ASYMTEK Quantum Q-6800 Series. A high-value fluid dispensing solution for demanding applications. The Quantum® Q-6800 Series offers uncompromising quality, speed, flexibility, and value with batch and inline dispensing for automotive, PCBA, and various electronic assembly applications.

Choose a standard System Package to get your fluid dispensing system with minimal lead time.

The Quantum Series:

  • Large dispense area (423 x 458 mm) for varied substrate sizes
  • Supports CSP, BGA, and board-level underfill
  • Supports surface mount adhesive, corner and edge bonding, dam and fill, potting and encapsulation, conductive epoxy, and case assembly applications
  • Enhanced throughput with dual-action dispensing
  • Patented closed-loop process controls for increased yield
  • Feature-rich Fluidmove® dispensing software

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