The world-class precision and quality Spectrum® II system for assembly of mobile electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, and PCBs

Higher consistency leads to higher yield and maximum profitability for your business. Whether it is dispensing underfill in PCBA applications, precise coating in mobile or consumer electronics, or solder paste sealing lines, Spectrum® II fluid dispensers are the globally preferred systems for mass production.

Choose a standard System Package to get your fluid dispensing system with minimal lead time.

The Spectrum II:

  • Small space-saving footprint
  • Fast and precise narrow gap dispensing
  • Enhanced throughput with dual-simultaneous dispensing
  • Patented closed-loop process controls
  • Scalable and flexible support for various applications
  • Feature-rich Fluidmove® dispensing software
  • Market-leading total system X-Y wet dispense accuracy
  • Precision Z-axis control for consistent line widths

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