The NexJet® 8 Jetting System with patented ReadiSet® Jet Cartridge offers increased jet frequency combined with advanced consumable management - it's as easy as ReadiSet and Jet

  • ReadiSet Jet Cartridge reduces operator training time, cost-of-ownership, and production downtime
  • 300 Hz continuous operation pneumatic actuation for increased flow-rates and dispenser productivity
  • Expanded range of jettable fluids, including hard to break-off fluids like silicone
  • Fully-integrated into Nordson ASYMTEK's patented closed-loop process controls for high yields and consistent production performance
  • Adjustable jet velocity to improve fluid break-off, and avoid fluid accumulation 

Leveraging Nordson ASYMTEK's 30+ years in designing and manufacturing industry-leading fluid dispensing technologies, the NexJet 8 system is another step forward in the evolution of fluid jetting technology. The NexJet 8 jetting system features the two-piece ReadiSet jet cartridge, which is very easy to use and delivers excellent cost-of-ownership. Maintenance and training for the NJ-8 system and ReadiSet cartridge takes only minutes. Integrated process controls contained in Nordson ASYMTEK's Fluidmove® software make setting up production processes quick and easy. In day-to-day production, an operator can quickly swap out the ReadiSet cartridge with another and return the dispenser to production. While the new cartridge is running production, the dirty cartridge can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, verified for complete cleanliness, and have it ready to go for the next exchange. With the NexJet 8 system, it truly is ReadiSet and Jet.

Expanded capabilities of the 300 Hz pneumatic actuator allow users to further dial-in their production processes and increase the list of jettable fluids to include difficult to break-off fluids like silicone. These expanded capabilities combined with Nordson ASYMTEK's patented closed-loop process controls maintain high-production yields. The higher frequency of the NJ-8 increases fluid flow-rates and improves dispenser productivity. Easily upgraded into any Nordson ASYMTEK automated fluid dispensing systems, the NJ-8 elevates your production processes to the next level and improves underfill, precise coating, and encapsulation applications.

The NexJet 8 Jetting System with ReadiSet Jet Cartridge is backed by a global network of fluid dispensing applications experts. Contact us today for more information or a demonstration of the NexJet 8 system and see how you can benefit from the expertise of the market leader in fluid dispensing.

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