A revolutionary programming platform unrivaled performance at extraordinary value

Ultra-fast performance

  • Engineered for ultra-fast programming performance up to 160 MBytes/sec with TurboBoost
  • Supports cache memory up to 256 Gbytes and extensible up to 512 Gbyes
  • 2x faster download speed up to 50 MBytes/sec to all programmers simultaneously reducing job set-up

Managed and Secure Programming

  • LumenX software secures your programming job package from creation to production
  • Comprehensive Version control and traceability software for managed programming
  • Seamless integration with SentriX Product Creator software simplifying the security job creation process


  • 3x programming capacity with up to 8 sockets/ programmer and up to 14 LumenX programmers in the PSV7000 for 112 sockets or 6 programmers in the PSV5000 for 40 sockets
  • Architected to support the latest device technologies today and in the future
  • Easy upgrade to support universal flash storage

Automotive Flash Growth

Automotive Flash usage is expected to grow 40-80% per year over the next decade to 1-2 TB per vehicle.  Automotive applications are transitioning from eMMC Flash memory to Universal Flash Storage (UFS). 

Data I/O enables an easy upgrade to support UFS in production.

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