The IntelliJet® Jetting System with patented ReadiSet® Jet Cartridge delivers cutting-edge reliability and micro dot dispensing for manufacturing advanced semiconductor and mobile electronics packages

  • ReadiSet Jet Cartridge reduces operator training time, cost of ownership, and production down time by making cleaning quick and easy
  • The IntelliJet system jets up to 5000 dots over a 10-second interval with a maximum 1000 Hz frequency
  • Integrated self-calibration adjusts for consumable wear and setup-to-setup variations to produce consistent jetting performance
  • The jet actuator's reliability is up to six times longer than other jets on the market
  • Fully-integrated into Nordson ASYMTEK's top three precision dispensing systems - Vantage® Series, Forte™ Series, and Spectrum® II - with patented closed-loop process controls, for high yield and consistent production performance


Nordson ASYMTEK's latest innovation in jetting technology, the piezo-driven IntelliJet system is the world's premier jet for achieving consistent, precise dispensing of a wide variety of fluids. Backed by over 30 years of fluid dispensing experience, the IntelliJet system overcomes common issues of other piezo-driven jets on the market.


The IntelliJet's drive system lasts up to six times as long as any other piezo-driven jet on the market. It dispenses a wide range of fluids (from hard-to-jet silicones to water-like medical reagents) with a single design and delivers consistent performance and dot volumes down to 1 nL.


Self-calibration features and controls in the jet are integrated within the Fluidmove® software, making it easy to move processes across multiple platforms and achieve repeatable dispense results. The IntelliJet jetting system incorporates Nordson ASYMTEK's patented 2-piece ReadiSet jet cartridge for fast, simple cleaning and maintenance. The ReadiSet cartridge reduces cost-of-ownership and enables fine tuning of the jetting process with multiple, interchangeable cartridge pieces in a user-friendly package.


The IntelliJet jetting system enhances productivity - dispensing up to 5000 dots over a 10-second cycle time at up to frequencies of 1000 Hz. In applications for wafer-level packaging, the IntelliJet system significantly increased productivity and yield compared to prior solutions.


IntelliJet valves and ReadiSet Jet Cartridges are covered by US Patents 9,346,075; 9,808,826 and 10,646,893 and other patents granted or pending in the US, Asia and Europe.

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