Exceptional dispensing productivity and accuracy for high-volume consumer electronics, printed circuit board assembly, flexible circuit, MEMs, and electromechanical assembly applications. 

Next-generation and time-tested capabilities are combined in this upgraded system to increase productivity by up to 50% over the top-selling Spectrum® ll, all in a space-saving footprint. Improve UPH with swift acceleration, enhanced motion control, and IntelliJet® compatible Forte MAX dual-valve dispensing.

You’ll receive your new system with minimal lead time when you choose a standard system package.

The Forte Series

  • A space-saving footprint for maximum production floor efficiency.
  • 1.5 g acceleration for blazing fast point-to-point moves.
  • Forte MAX – IntelliJet ready, dual-valve dispensing for optimal throughput.
  • Patented* real-time skew correction for better wet dispense accuracy and yield.
  • Fast, repeatable setup with automated calibration.
  • Closed-loop controls and data traceability keep your process on point.
  • Advanced Canvas® fluid dispensing software.
  • Industry 4.0 Connectivity Ready – Integrate Nordson dispensing equipment with your FIS or MES using the ASYMTEK NE Connect API and Software Developer Kit (SDK) standard in Canvas software.

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