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Featured Product: WXsmart

The all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform offers maximum traceability and connectivity. As the most connected, controlled and secured hand soldering solution in the world, WXsmart is connecting the future of soldering!

  • Full Traceability
  • Highest Productivity
  • Less Cost Risks


Maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote control access


The all-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station.


Total Process Control (TPC) to manage your complete soldering process from tip to station


The first system with built-in cyber-security to prevent costly downtimes

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Weller Tools has been innovating hand soldering for 75 years with power and passion: Our vision and mindset still holds true for the company on a global basis. In 1945, we invented hand soldering and have continued innovating, bringing the world into the next-generation of soldering with our latest technologies as well as with innovative product designs.

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